Hello,  My name is Tom Mason.

Serving in higher education as a professor, department chair, director, and dean has provided useful insights into the workings of the academic side of higher education.  (I leave the business side to the accountants, though I have managed many budgets.)  


Today's higher education institutions often become machine bureaucracies; where feeding the machine with student tuition might sometimes seem to supersede the focus on learning.  I believe higher education should be a professional bureaucracy; where professionals, who directly serve the clients, are the institution's most important asset. In hospitals, the professionals are doctors and nurses.  In higher education, they are professors and deans.  

 This website is dedicated to professors and academic administrators seeking a "one-stop shop" to review resources and trends in higher education.  The goal is to inform the field as to what's available for our use or coming around the bend.  The informational resources and links can aid in making decisions for your institutions.  Need a new LMS?  Check our section on LMS's.  

Happy hunting.

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