Want to save students money and be sure they're ready for class?   Textbook prices have increased faster than college tuition in recent years.  Students hold off on purchasing necessary textbooks, or, sometimes, don't purchase them at all

The future is moving toward free, open-source textbooks. 

The links below list free books and textbooks for your classroom. 

If you teach a course, and can use one of these free resources, contact your curriculum team. 

If you're an administrator, ask your faculty to consider these resources.

  • Galileo allows you to download PDF versions of textbooks by chapter or in their entirety.

  • OpenStax provides free-to-use, peer-reviewed textbooks and low-cost tutoring

  • ProQuest E-Book Central is available through a university subscription.  


Galileo at the University of Georgia provides a collection of free textbooks professors may consider for their classes and save students money...

Check out their titles

OpenStax CNX

Based at Rice University, OpenStax has been providing open source textbooks since 2012

Open Textbook


The University of Minnesota's offerings of OER textbooks



Textbooks and lesson plans contributed by the Community

American Institute of Mathematics

Open source and open access mathematics textbooks

BC Campus


Canadian source of open access textbooks

State Univ of New York

SUNY's open access library is growing

OER Search

George Mason Univ

Crawl the web to search for OER assets

Proquest E-Book Central

If your university purchases access, ProQuest provides access to thousands of titles.  

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