After paying their tuition, students spend a great deal of money on textbooks.  As a professor, I often noticed students wouldn't buy their textbooks until AFTER class had started (if at all).  They wanted to see if we would really use the textbook before spending money.  (Even then it was tough to get them to read it...)  

To reduce concerns about cost, we should consider using reasonably priced, or even free, textbooks for our courses.  This page is dedicated to helping you find what you need and to save students money.

Use the links below to:

- Explore options for free textbooks

- Check the textbook aggregator, Vitalsource, for less costly options for the texts you use, and

- Find easy access to publishers' websites

The provided article discusses how Faculty members can encourage use of less costly e-textbooks

Sources of free textbooks ready to 

      integrate into your classroom   

Vitalsource provides free e-books for faculty and reduced prices for students.

 Websites of the most common

   publishers used in higher ed  

           including universities       

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